Hey is anyone still following this blog??? If you wanna follow my new blog my URL is bransoncrawley 

this blog is an archive and wont be posting anything else

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Hey is anyone still following this blog??? If you wanna follow my new blog my URL is bransoncrawley and the link is below

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hello guys, im sorry to say that this is the end of my run. tumblr isn’t fun anymore and worrying about what strangers on the internet think of me just sounds horrible so i’m making this blog an archive and if i decide to come back to tumblr i’m just gonna remake altogether

i’m still keeping my twitter for the time being and if you guys want my skype/facebook/phone number/etc just let me know privately and i’ll share it with you

it’s been a great two and a half years and i hope i can keep in touch with all of you somehow i love you guys

if you want any of my saved urls before i delete them get with me please the link to them is here



Our Photographer Eduardo got some shots of Walk The Moon this past November at The Observatory in Santa Ana, Ca. Click Here for more photos of the show(:


Brendon doing his bending tricks

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14/∞ favorite photos of chris colfer

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john krasinski for nuvo magazine - december 2012

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my name is chelsea.
i "like" glee, teen wolf, and walk the moon
i live off of vodka, rainbows, and kisses
i believe in happy endings

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